6 Home Remedies to Eliminate Wax in the Ear

home remedies

Earwax is a naturally occurring substance that has the function of protecting the ears from bacteria and other agents. In addition, cerumen acts as a natural lubricant for the ears and the external ear canal. However, there is a time when it accumulates in large quantities and can cause discomfort in the ears as, for example, irritation, a feeling of obstruction, nausea, itching or even partial loss of hearing . This is why it is important to clean your ears regularly, to eliminate excess earwax.  What are the causes ?…

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17 Foods That Block Pain and Inflammation

block pain

It usually affects several joints at the same time. If not treated in time or efficiently it can cause in addition to very severe pain, numbness and immobility of these parts of the body. In this kind of disorder the reaction of the cells which have the role of defending the body causes inflammatory processes which are inappropriate and repetitive. In addition, they create antibodies that react against the body’s own tissues . To combat it, you should seek appropriate medical help and start eating certain foods that block pain…

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