Being Aware About the Breast Lump Screening Why It Is Given Due Importance?

Being Aware About the Breast Lump Screening Why It Is Given Due Importance

There are many women who fear to perform self breast exams for the sole reason of lack of confidence. However, when a lump is found in the breast, women should contact the doctor and go for a breast lump screening immediately. Usually 8 out of 10 breast lumps are benign. However, it is important to leave the matter to the health care provider because they are the real person to decide whether a lump in the breast is benign or not.

What to Do When You Find a Lump in The Breast?

If you have recently found a lump in the breast while doing your monthly self-breast exam, consider this as an alarming situation. Breast lump can be cancerous and it is best to be evaluated by a breast surgeon. When you seek an appointment with a best surgeon, he /she will suggest you to go through a complete breast lump screening procedure. During the screening procedure, the breast surgeon may ask you few questions about the symptoms you are currently experiencing. The breast lump screening is actually a process to find out the presence of breast cancer risk factors as well as other benign breast diseases. During the process, you should honestly answer all these questions to the best of your knowledge.

Breast Lump Screening Process:

Once the interview process is done, your breast surgeon will inspect your breasts to find out any changes in shape or size, conditions of your breast’s skin, and analyze for any unusual signs like abnormal discharge of liquid from the nipple. During the process, the doctor may need to feel the deeper breast tissues for thickened or nodular breast areas. If the lump you discovered is confirmed by the doctor, then you may need to go for breast biopsy and other screening methods to determine whether it is cancerous or not.

Usually breast lumps in younger women can be associated with the menstrual cycle and this will usually go away when the menstrual cycle is gone. However, if the woman is over 40, the first test is critical as it helps to determine whether the lump is cancerous or not. Breast lump screening is important as this makes you familiar with how your breasts feel from month to month and can more readily detect and find lumps in your breast.

You will understand any changes in the breast if you have an idea of what is normal for your breasts. It’s true that if you find a lump that feels harder than the rest of your breast, it might be a sign of breast cancer, but there are many other breast diseases as well, those mimics the breast cancer but are not malignant in nature. In case the lump has some suspicious characteristics such as an irregular shape, extra calcifications around the lump etc, then a biopsy may be suggested.

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