The hip is a very important part of the anatomy as it plays a crucial when it comes to mobility. The hip joint rotates when you change direction when walking or running. It also rotates when you sit or stand. It is therefore quite an inconvenience when you experience pain on your hips. Your normal life will be curtailed as you can no longer move easily. Sleeping can also be difficult. You can read more about the causes and symptoms of hip pain. It explains some of the causes and symptoms of hip pain as well as treatment options.

Causes of hip pain

  • Extreme exercises can put a strain on the hip joint which is responsible for supporting almost a third of our weight.
  • Arthritis is a condition that has been responsible for many reported hip pain. Arthritis affects the bones and the hip joint may not be spared. When arthritis affects the hip joint, the pain can be an ache that affects the groin, front of thigh or even the buttocks. Sometimes pain caused by Arthritis can be sharp and unbearable pain that lasts a short time but returns periodically.
  • Hip pain can also be cause by a fracture. This fracture may have been due to a fall.
  • Bursitis is another cause of hip pain. This is an inflammation that affects the sac responsible for lubricating the joints.

Symptoms of hip pain

  • The most obvious symptom of hip pain is a limp due to your inability to walk upright because of hip pain. However hard you try, it is almost impossible to assume your usual walking style.
  • Joint pain can be experienced in the area surrounding the hips.
  • Groin and buttocks pain. It is easy to assume you strained one of the muscles. Sometimes the pain originates from the hip.
  • Warmth around the hip area. Temperatures around the hip may seem higher because of the inflammation.
  • You may experience some tenderness around the hip area.
  • Lying down on the hip that is hurting can be hard or even impossible. You may not be able to do for a prolonged period without turning over.
  • You may also lose motion of the hip. That side may face restricted movement because it is stiff and painful.

Whatever the cause of the hip pain, it is important to seek the right treatment because the causing irreparable damage to your hip joint. Conditions such as arthritis should be treated and the right food eaten if you are to limit the negative effects on your bones.  It is evident the hip is a very important part of our bodies and should receive the right attention. According to adequate care and attention should be given when treating hip pain by going to the root cause and not just treating the symptoms.

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