Find Out How Learning Disabilities Are Treated by Dr. Curtis Cripe

Dr. Curtis Cripe

As estimated, over 50% of kids and teens with ADHD may have problems like dyslexia, a kind of learning disability. Those who have LD may also experience hearing processing disorder. Even if a child with learning disability can sit quiet with the help of medication and can perform academically poor, but it would be difficult job to achieve the same for a child with ADHD. In lots of cases, even today, many parents make mistakes assuming their child lazy and inattentive and thus, due to the delay in diagnosis and treatment, the victims tend to suffer throughout their lives in all their activities.

The typical characteristics found in children having ADHD are inattention, extreme restlessness apart from poor executions of tasks or functions, behavioral problems like repeating the same job, social skills issues and more. However, children suffer from learning disorder show one or more symptoms of the above. As per version of the Arizona based neuroengineer Dr. Curtis Cripe that proper judgment of ADHD, ADD, LD or Autism is the key to get your child back his healthy living.

Even these days, right from patents to teachers as well as therapists make mistake to identify the actual issue. And most importantly, the entire management process depends on accurate spotting of the type of neurodevelopmenal disorder. He says that it is the primary job of parents as well as teachers interacting with the child on daily basis to note the strange behaviors they demonstrate, and report them to psychotherapists based on which the rehab procedure is determined.

The popular mental disorder rehabilitation hub Crossroads Group is a unique creation of Dr. Curtis. Since foundation, it has grown in multi folds with 12 service points in seven states. Employing telemedicine backed by the Internet facility, it delivers brain training solutions and therapies to thousands of worried parents to deal with their children with learning disorder, ADHA, Autism and all other developmental delays. It also provides effective management solutions and therapies to adults diagnosed with anxiety disorder, depression disorder, substance abuse. PSTD and brain injuries caused by stroke, hemorrhage and in stress management.

At present Curtis Cripe is also operating as the Director, Research and Development division at NTL Group headquartered in Arizona. When it comes to learning disabilities, the intuitive Neuroengineer says in an interview that all LD (learning disabilities) cases are considered as developmental delays in their treatment centers. Development delay is mainly caused due to underdevelopment of nervous systems. With the help of advanced mechanisms and imaging tooling, the under developed area is spotted within the Central Nervous Systems located in spinal cord and brain.

Incidentally, problems can also be found in Peripheral Nervous system which is a supporting organ brings messages or information to human brain. Equipped with a very learned team of professionals from related industries, they determine the exact part of nervous system acting adversely. Through imaging they get neuro- feedback how the brain receives information, the way of its processing, integrating or storing which is important to decide management procedure of learning disorder.

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