Gastric Bypass – A Popular Weight Loss Surgery

Gastric Bypass – A Popular Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery, which is commonly referred to as bariatric surgery, is popularly opted weight loss treatment by morbidly obese people around the globe. Obesity is a growing concern today as it generally leads to the risk of various awful diseases including diabetes, hypertension, High BP, and heart ailments.  Many times, the doctor himself would recommend a bariatric surgery if the weight of the patient continues to increase at a rapid rate despite eating a low-calorie diet and following a rigorous exercise regime. Most people look for a weight loss surgery in Dubai because the bariatric procedures here are far less costly. Moreover, you can find the best team of experienced professionals here, who will make sure to give you efficient results.
Though a weight loss surgery is viewed as the safest and most effective means of achieving long-term weight loss, it is not suited for everyone. This type of treatment for shedding those extra pounds comes with its own pros and cons. Therefore, before taking up a bariatric surgery, you must be clear about the benefits and risks associated with it. Let us look at them.

Most of the bariatric procedures in Dubai have a common goal. These curb the food intake by reducing the capacity of the stomach. After the procedure, the amount of the food you take in will be considerably reduced to promote weight loss. The several advantages of weight loss surgery include:

•After the surgery, you may experience a rapid weight loss and continue to lose weight until 2 years after the surgery.

•You can experience a significant improvement in your health and quality of life. You will also notice an improvement in the various obesity-related medical conditions within three years of surgery.

•Because of the revolutionary laparoscopic approach used in the bariatric procedures, you don’t have to live in the hospital for long, recover faster, small incisions and lesser pain.

• You will get rid of weight-related aches and pains after the surgery.

The bariatric or the weight loss surgery is associate several risks. These may include nausea, weakness, vomiting, excessive sweating, bloating, and surgical infections like wound infections etc can occur after the surgery. However, the risks can be minimized or even nullified by following the before and after surgical procedures accurately.

Current weight loss surgical procedures include stomach banding, stomach stapling, gastric bypass of the stomach etc. Out of all, the gastric bypass surgery is very commonly performed by most surgeons here. Just like other bariatric procedures, it reduces the capacity of your stomach thus helping you to eat less and shed weight. Let us know more about this weight loss surgery in Dubai.

How will gastric bypass affect you?
Your stomach has a certain capacity. You may feel hungry even when a small portion of the food from this capacity is consumed and by your body. As a result, you eat in excess and gain weight. But what if the capacity of your stomach is lessened? You won’t feel hungry that frequently and will also shed the excess weight. This is exactly what happens in a gastric bypass surgery. This treatment will help you in shedding weight and improve the obesity-related complications.
How does it work?
In this, the stomach capacity is minimized to a small pouch and the food is passed into the jejunum (part of the small bowel joined to the new stomach pouch). This leads to gut hormone changes that increase satiety (makes you feel full for long). These hormonal changes also bring about improvement in your ‘insulin’ resistance and help in controlling your blood sugar reversing diabetes.
The surgery involves two steps.

Step 1 Reduce your stomach size
Your surgeon would use staples to make your stomach capacity smaller. This, in turn, will limit your food intake.

Step 2 The bypass
He would then connect the reduced stomach pouch to a section of your small intestine, hence bypassing the rest of your stomach and small intestine.

Health benefits of gastric bypass
Gastric bypass surgery in Dubai is a safe and highly effective weight loss procedure and is therefore opted by many. A person who undergoes this bariatric surgery will lose around 70 percent of their excess weight. You will notice rapid improvements in many health conditions like diabetes and hypertension, high blood pressure, asthma, arthritis, and many others. You will for sure experience a great quality of life.

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