Hair fall Guide: Cause and Cure For Men


Men, when it comes to our hair we all are alike. We all have hair problems and we all want a solution to avoid it, or get those precious little hair follicle back, each one of them. We scavenge for treatments, be it cheap or expensive but we never look at the precautionary side, to save thyself from hair fall, to protect our hair from falling apart one by one.

On a global basis, about 85% of men face similar problems. Over the course of time, men hair starts thinning and by the time they’re 50 they are almost bald. In certain people, it has been observed that hair fall started by the time they grow up to be 21.

There are certain myths prevailing about hair fall amongst people. Some people believe wearing a baseball cap or any other cap makes you go bald, while others believe that running fingers through your hair can start hair fall. These beliefs are utter nonsense as none of these lead to hair fall, nor even combing, brushing, twisting, or styling your hair will cause hair fall.

“Somewhere or the other, our daily life habits like smoking, using too much hair gels, and living an unhealthy lifestyle has to be blamed for causing hair fall,” says Dr. Steppie from Associates of Dermatology.  

Let’s take a brief look at the roots, the actual cause of hair fall. So, what causes it?

For the most part, hair loss is males is a result of genetic hair fall patterns inherited from their biological parents. But there can be other reasons too, like unprescribed medicines which are causing hair fall as a side-effect. In addition, too much of vitamin A, or deficiency of proteins in your body can cause hair fall. Moreover, Dr.Steppie says, “there can be other factors like daily life stress and physical or mental illness can cause a sudden, heavy hair fall which is often described as telogen effluvium by the medical professionals”.

But not to worry, hair loss is reversible, but only those which are not due to genetic hair loss patterns.   

How to cure it? For pattern baldness in males, there is no medication that can completely cure it. However, there are certain medications available in the market that can slow it down, but, get a legitimate one after getting it approved by a medical practitioner. In addition, there is some hair specialist who offers hair growth treatments and solution which completely regenerates your hairs.

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