How Moov can move your pain

How Moov can move your pain

Do you suffer from muscle fatigue and pain? You may have a few questions about muscle pain – we attempt to answer the most common ones below:

Why do I get muscular pain?

Muscle pain is the result of many conditions – strains, sprains, overwork, tearing, spasms, fibrositis, sciatica, etc. It can be symptomatic of something that you did, for example, working out too strenuously in the gym or wearing constricting footwear, or due to an underlying medical condition that causes muscle fatigue. Overworked or strained muscles are likely to get sore and inflamed, and this is when they start to pain.

How can I know that it is serious?

If you are aware of what has caused the pain, then you can take adequate steps to treat it. For instance, if you have pulled extremely heavy weights in the gym, then you know why your arms and shoulders are hurting the next day. In this case, resting the painful muscle for a couple of days proves adequate. However, if a painful muscle is tender to the touch and hurts with the slightest movement even after three days have elapsed, then it is time to see the doctor. Such pain might indicate a torn ligament or twisted muscle.

Is there a way to treat the pain at home?

If the pain is not acute but quite irritating, then it is easily treatable at home. Slight pain or soreness usually goes away after resting the painful area for a day. However, if you feel a tightness in the muscle (but it does not restrict mobility), you might need to apply a hot compress to loosen the muscle. You can also apply Moov pain relief cream on the muscle after the hot compress. Similarly, if there is a swelling, apply an ice pack to the area (take care not to touch the ice directly to the skin) and then follow up with Moov pain relief cream.

What is Moov cream all about?

Moov pain relief cream is an Ayurvedic formulation that starts the healing process immediately upon application. It contains wintergreen oil (to reduce swelling), mint (to provide a cooling effect), turpentine oil (for deep tissue relief) and eucalyptus oil (for a warming effect on the muscles). This combination of ingredients makes Moov a multipurpose pain relief cream – you can use it for both muscle and joint pain.

How do I get it?

You can buy Moov pain relief cream online directly from the website, or go to e-commerce sites that offer the entire range of Moov products. Buying Moov pain relief cream online saves you the trouble of going to the pharmacy to get it, and the product will be delivered to you quickly as well.

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