How to Train For Bigger Legs

How to Train For Bigger Legs

If you want to achieve immense muscle growth, it is imperative on your part to work out your lower body. I have seen many people are not concerned about their lower body training. They think that only upper body is sufficient to show off and getting wide thick muscles. On the contrary, exercising your legs will do wonders for faster muscle growth. You can check leg workout classes in gym sheung wan for detailed information.

Genetics play a significant role in shaping your legs. You may have seen that some people have massive legs, whereas some train hard to achieve the same level, but could not succeed. If you think that genetics are playing a hindrance in your case, then you can achieve your goal by training hard. If you take the history of bodybuilders most of them started when they were skinny, but over the period they have grown immensely.

Functional exercises

If you are one of them who is facing knee problems due to heavy leg extensions because you have to bend your knees as in seated position. Doing heavy weight exercises may be injurious to your structure as well as muscular imbalances. If any of the above case is with you, then it will take you back from your goals. On the other hand, there are many functional movements like squats or deadlift. Focus on correct techniques of exercises and your changes will start. Make these exercises cornerstone of your leg routine.

Workout to ensure balance

Remember if you train only one body part and leave the other, then it will cause an imbalance in your body. Actually, if you notice, then you will realize that one side of the body is always doing more work. Suppose if you are a right-hander, then this side of your body will be stronger than the left side. What you need to do is to include unilateral exercises like a single leg squats, lunges, and single leg dead lift. This will ensure that you work out both the legs properly and this will minimize the muscular imbalance. You will get genuine information from leg workout classes in gym sheung wan.


According to experts,it is imperative your body before exercise. The best way to warm up before weight training is to do cardiovascular exercises, then five minutes of stretching. This will make your body warm and you will be ready to hold the weights. After this warm-up, you have to stimulate the same muscle group, which you are going to train in your exercise session. Suppose you want to do bench press, then take the barbell without any weights and do 12 repetitions from this. This will stimulate the same muscles, which you will use in the exercise.

Isolation movements

Are you fond of doing leg extensions and usingmachines? If you like to do moderate resistance exercises with higher repetitions on the machines, then it is recommended to go there for toning purposes. When you do these exercises, make sure to check the axis of the machine is in the proper line, this will help you avoid injuries.

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