Important Facts about Dianabol: The Beginners Guide

Important Facts about Dianabol The Beginners Guide

Dianabol (Methandrostenolone) is one of the most popular anabolic androgenic steroids. This was originally created by Dr. John Bosley Ziegler for performance enhancement. Because it was effective, it didn’t take long for Ciba Pharmaceuticals to work with Dr. Ziegler and further develop this drug.

Dianabol or Dbol is widely used in the bodybuilding circle today. Men and women are using this in their bulking cycles to achieve massive muscle gains. Some Dbol users claimed to gain 20lbs in just a few weeks of using Dbol. However, this steroid comes with side effects, just like any other steroid. So before taking Dianabol, it is best to learn more about the drug, its mechanism of action, benefits and risks as well as the right amount of dosage.

What is Dianabol?

Dianabol is known to build muscle mass faster than any steroid. It increases protein synthesis, glycogenolysis, and nitrogen retention. Because of the positive results from Dbol users, beginners are getting tempted in giving this steroid a try. However, before you take this steroid, remember that this is a very powerful drug.

When you are taking Dbol, you will experience an increase in muscle gains and strength. This is because of the nitrogen retention and protein synthesis which are essential for these changes to happen. This steroid can cause side effects because it increases the activity of the androgen receptor which in turn can cause male pattern baldness, acne, and testosterone suppression.

The Safe Way to Take Dianabol

Dianabol is available in both injection and oral form. However, the oral version is more popular. It has a short half-life of 3 to 5 hours which is why users split their dose to two or three times in a day. It is best to take Dbol pills with a meal to avoid an upset stomach. The dosage depends on the user’s body size, gender, exercise regimen and other health factors.

Regular Dbol users start at 15 mg a day for 4-6 weeks. It is not recommended to go beyond 6 weeks to avoid damaging the liver. Dbol doses will be increased to 20 mg or 25 mg up to 50 mg a day. Some users can take up to 100 mg a day, but this is not recommended since it can cause adverse effects.

Dianabol Side Effects   

Hepatotoxicity is very common when you are overusing steroids. It is important to stick with the safe dosage and frequency of use to protect the liver. In addition to this, alcohol drinks should also be avoided. Dbol is known to cause aggression and male pattern baldness. The side effects will usually depend on how sensitive the user is to Dbol side effects. Anyone who has predisposed hypertension is not advised to use this steroid since it may cause a heart attack.

Gynecomastia is reported as one of the adverse effects of Dianabol. If you think you are developing breast tissues, stop using the drug and consult with your doctor right away. Water retention can also be caused by Dbol. This is the reason why there is a huge change in weight when a user takes this drug. It can cause bloating around the face and neck.

Using strong steroids like Dianabol should not be taken lightly. Make sure that you are aware of what you are taking and how it can affect your body. Do your research and be prepared for positive and negative results before taking it with your cycle or stacks.