Innovative Ideas to Formulate Corporate Wellness Programs

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If you have gone through any of the articles on corporate wellness programs then you must have identified that they have numerous positive impact on the lives of your employees. Therefore, whether you are willing to start working with a corporate wellness programmer or want to have your own wellness program in your company, the best thing is that you don’t have to worry much about the cost involved.

As per the latest statistics, it is said that for every single dollar spent on the corporate wellness programs, businesses can save up to $3 for the cost involved in health care and $2 forabsenteeism. Businesses can also earn have ROI up to 300 percent. Let’s check out some of the amazing ideas to formulate programs for corporate wellness in London or in any given locations.

Amazing Ideas to Formulate Corporate Programs as follows:

  • Start Offering Bonuses For Smoking Cessation

This is indeed one of the most effective and proven ways to integrate wellness programs in the workplace. Smoking is said to be the unhealthiest habits which cause numerous health disorders. Set a target that the employees who quit smoking will be awarded extra perks with the salary.

  • Make Flexible Working Hours

Most of the employees like flexibility as it helps them to structure their work based on their lifestyle. It is better to kick the habit of fixed working hours like 9 am to 5 pm. It’s good to focus on the quality and effectiveness of the results rather than the working hours of the employees.

  • Allow “Work from Home” Option Once in a Week

Apart from the fixed day off, it would be better if the employees are offered with the option of work from home. It will help them to spend some more time with their family and the will finish their work with total responsibility and on time. They will feel more energetic next day at the office.

  • Avoid Meetings and Make it No Talk Tuesday

It is better not to hold any non-urgent meetings or sessions during 9am to noon in the first two-three days of the week. It will allow employees to get most of the work done quickly and they will have the rest of the week less stressful.

  • Offer Quality Lunch and Snacks at Affordable Rates

Many tech giant companies like Google, Facebook, etc., offers free lunch and snacks for the employees. The ingredients used are of high quality and they ensure nutrition at work in the UK or in any given location. It plays an effective role in maintaining the healthstandards of the employees.

Considering these tips will be of great help for the companies planning to frame corporate wellness programs in their workplace. One can also hire aprofessional programmer who can organize the entire program.

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