Is foot pain making movement difficult?

Is foot pain making movement difficult?

Stop foot pain in its tracks with an effective cream for pain relief. This article explains how pain relieving creams can help.

The feet bear the burden of the entire day’s stresses, day in and day out. They carry your weight, move you from one spot to another, even help you run, skip, walk briskly or stand for extended periods of time. Even when you sit for long, your feet still continue working by helping you maintain your balance.

This means that the feet put in more work than we realise – and this tires them out. It is only when the feet become sore and painful, or when you twist your ankle, that you notice how painful your feet have become. You then soak them in warm water, or massage them for a few minutes. But these are short term measures, and the pain returns again.

Foot pain can intensify quite quickly. When it does, you might feel ‘pins and needles’ in your feet every time you put your weight on them. Walking might also become impossible.

Reclaim your life by dealing with foot pain

Unless your foot pain is the result of an injury or twist, most kinds of foot pain go away with rest and care for a few days. However, you must give the feet the pampering and attention they need, or the problem will soon become a chronic one.

Follow this simple foot care routine for painful and sore feet:

  • If the foot is swollen or making it difficult to put your weight on it, keep the feet elevated. Sit in a chair and raise the feet on another chair opposite, but place a plump cushion under them first.
  • Sleep with your feet placed on a cushion in the night. This will eliminate fluid build-up that causes swelling around the painful muscle or joint.
  • If the pain is intense, apply a good cream for pain relief like Moov. Moov cream for pain relief is a fast-acting formulation that penetrates the skin and tissues rapidly, going to the source of the pain at once. Once it is absorbed, its pain-relieving complex of ingredients (turpentine oil, wintergreen oil, eucalyptus oil and mint extract) soothe the painful muscle or joint. You will begin to feel relief from pain quite quickly after applying Moov cream for pain relief.
  • Apply a pain relief cream just before you go to bed, so that the foot can heal undisturbed.
  • If you have a swollen ankle arising out of a twist or sprain, gently apply an ice pack to the area and dab a pain relief cream with gentle fingers.

When to see a doctor for foot pain

If the pain is a result of an injury or sprain, see your doctor before the problem gets out of hand. Based on the nature of the injury, the doctor might prescribe a muscle relaxant and bed rest.

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