Losing Baby Teeth: The When, Why, And What For Parents

Losing Baby Teeth: The When, Why, And What For Parents

First-time parents will encounter a time when their child begins to lose their original tooth. It is an exciting period where questions and genuine concern can occur. While it is easy to explain that everything will be alright, it is essential for parents to show interest in these changes and explore the assistance of dental professionals. Here are the what, when, and why that parents need to know about a child losing baby teeth.

Identifying the What

Baby teeth are an essential part of your child’s growth and development. It initially begins before reaching 12 months old. The tooth becomes part of your child’s life for six to seven years. The purpose of having baby teeth is to provide the necessary space for the permanent teeth. Each tooth offers the essential space where molars, canines, and incisors can eventually grow.

Parents need to recognize that losing a baby tooth is normal and part of the process. However, they should also identify factors that contribute to kids losing their tooth early. It is due to the presence of cavity or tooth decay. Should these incidents occur, it is best to consult with a dentist in Reston Virginia for adequate care and attention? Moreover, a dental practitioner can help offer ideas in promoting oral hygiene.

When Losing Baby Teeth Happens

Parents also need to know when their child can potentially lose baby teeth. Many dentists recognize that these occur when the child is five to seven years of age. Specifically, a child can lose a tooth slowly and feature the milk teeth slowly becoming loose. Eventually, the tooth will fall and allow the permanent one to push outside a child’s gums. Allowing the child to talk to a dentist in Reston Virginia can help in learning the process and tell how removing a baby tooth causes limited to pain or discomfort.

There are times when the permanent tooth starts to breach the gums with the baby tooth still in place. In such a situation, it is best to consult with a dentist and ask the necessary actions. Depending on the diagnosis, parents should condition their children that the dentists can resolve the problem.

Explaining the Why

Parents and a dental practitioner should also provide an adequate explanation as to why children can experience losing their baby tooth. The information should be age appropriate and easy to understand. There are different resources online that can help identify the importance of milk teeth and why it is important for kids to lose it in preparation for the permanent tooth.

Talking to a dentist can also help and give children confidence in their abilities. Their ideas can support the proper removal of a baby tooth and encourage kids to anticipate these changes. In particular, it can talk about a significant milestone for the person.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is the role of parents to explain to their children about baby teeth. The points above examine the what, how, and why of the topic and should serve as the basis to address specific questions they have. Moreover, there are also dentists willing to expound on the process, assist kids, and ensure the procedure remains easy to bear.
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