Oxandrolone for Women: Benefits, Side Effects, and Alternatives

Oxandrolone for Women: Benefits, Side Effects, and Alternatives

There are many anabolic steroids that many women don’t want to touch, primarily because it can introduce an unhealthy amount of testosterone in their bodies. However, there are some steroids such as Oxandrolone that can promote gains while giving a low risk of adverse effects for male and female users, especially for the latter.

The use of Oxandrolone can help women in giving them the necessary push to achieve their fitness goals. Read on to know some of the effects that this anabolic steroid can bring, as well as the potential side effects that may take place in the body when used.

Benefits of Oxandrolone for Women

Some benefits when taking Oxandrolone include small muscle gains, the retention of agility, an increase in muscle stamina, improved cardiovascular endurance, and the suppression of appetite. This particular anabolic steroid won’t let women acquire superior gains, and this is, perhaps, for the best. Many women don’t seek to have the same bulky muscle mass as many men strive for in bodybuilding. With smaller muscles, women users of Oxandrolone can attain a trim, strong, and fit body without looking too overly unnatural. Furthermore, since the muscles won’t weigh down the athletic performance of users, Oxandrolone can help the body retain its agility without the additional weight.

Oxandrolone Dosage

The recommended dosage of Oxandrolone for women is just 10mg per day. Beginner steroid users who made this particular drug to be their first product of choice will also find that 10mg per day is sufficient for their primary fitness needs. Never think to attempt to use a higher dosage than 10mg per day to allow your body to adjust to the effects of the steroid. A high dosage right off the bat can put your body in an unwanted strain, and this can lead to long-term and even permanent damage. Female Oxandrolone users should have a hard limit for the drug’s dosage to be at 20mg per day. Any higher than that figure and there’s a risk of virilization.

Oxandrolone Cycle

The most common ciclo oxandrolona mujeres or Oxandrolone cycle for women will last for 6-weeks. Afterward, there’s a 4-week rest period that users should take before any reintroduction of the drug to the body. If any user should plan to take this particular steroid for the entire year, then one of the rest periods should be at 8 to 10-weeks. The reason behind why you should do this process is because you’re going to give your liver a much-needed break. Otherwise, the body will acquire tolerance to the effects of Oxandrolone.

Common Side Effects of Oxandrolone in Women

The desirable benefits of Oxandrolone is a long list, but it’s also important to be vigilant and aware of the potential health risks that it might bring. Some of the common adverse effects of Oxandrolone for female users include the following: increased body hair growth, clitoral enlargement, changes in facial structure, the deepening of the voice, and male pattern baldness.

Even though Oxandrolone can promote a long list of advantages for male and female users, you should still set your expectations down the right path. Always bear in mind that there are still potential adverse effects that might take place during cycles with this particular anabolic steroid.

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