Restore the Hormone Balance in Steroid Cycles

Restore the Hormone Balance in Steroid Cycles

The top bulking steroid on the market is Dianabol. Anabolic steroids are used to primarily bulk up the muscle mass of an individual. The problem with Dianabol is that it has several glaring side-effects. As a result, it has been banned in Europe and USA by the World Anti-Doping Agency because of these harsh side-effects. The biggest of these problems are low libido, increased water weight, erectile dysfunction, infertility, and increased body weight. These all occur because of a single reason. Dianabol is mainly composed of methandrostenolone which undergoes aromatic transformation to form methylestradiol instead of estradiol like it is supposed to. This results in high estrogen levels and low testosterone levels. This is where aromatase inhibitors for steroid cycles come in.

Why Aromatase Inhibitors are Used

Aromatase Inhibitors, or AIs as they are more popularly known as are used to suppress aromatization of methandrostenolone. When you use a steroid such as Dianabol, it synthetically induces testosterone in the body. As a result, the body reduces the production of the hormone and instead, starts releasing estrogen to control the excess of testosterone. But after the steroid cycle, the body still does not stop producing estrogen to produce more testosterone since the body is fooled into thinking that it does not need to produce testosterone After the steroid cycle, the levels of this hormone dip by quite a bit.

The problem is that testosterone is responsible for libido, fertility, and erectile functioning. The excess estrogen,on the other hand, starts fluid retention and any muscle mass gained is lost very quickly if a proper exercise regimen is not followed. To deal with this problem, post cycle therapy or PCT is required to bring the hormone levels in the body back to normal. Using aromatase inhibitors for steroid cycles is the best way to regulate the hormone levels. What they do is quite simple – they block the aromatic transformation that initiates this entire flow of events.

Other Ways of Dealing with It

There are other ways of dealing with the estrogen imbalance issue arising from steroid cycles than aromatase inhibitors. People can use different cutting steroids to get past the water retention issue after the Dianabol cycle ends. The problem with this method is that it has its own steroid cycle to complete as well. Now, some people try using chemical penis enhancement to get past the testosterone imbalance issues such as infertility, erectile dysfunction, and low libido. But this method is reckless and dangerous and should be avoided as a general principle at all times.

A legitimate alternative to using aromatase inhibitors is to use Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator or SERMs. These steroids actually moderate the amount of estrogen produced. The main difference between an aromatase inhibitor and a selective estrogen receptor modulator is that the former prevents aromatization while the latter modulates the estrogen levels. This fundamental difference is quite important as AIs can remedy the process before it begins. Some of the most popular Aromatase Inhibitors include Arimidex, Aromasin, and Femara.

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