When it comes to quality, nothing is compared to lyocell fabric. It is because this type of fabric which was developed recently created a buzz because of its amazing benefits especially with the environment.

Lyocell fabric was specifically developed to be eco-friendly and become a sustainable product. Lyocell just like any fabric is made up of fiber from wood pulps coming from sustainable tree farms.

Lyocell textiles are mainly created for the purpose of using the innovation brought by nanotechnology which utilizes closed-loop process that creates a decomposing recovery to all the solvents and emissions not to mention its biodegradability which is by far the greatest benefit for the environment and of course its lightweight comfort that you can experience when it is manufactured for clothing.

In this article, we will discuss the advantages of Lyocell fabric in different uses.

ECO PRINT- Since it is made from natural wood pulps which guarantee that the raw materials come from sustainable farms, Lyocell fabric is a good example of eco-friendly fabric which is highly biodegradable. It is also very economical when it is used for energy and natural resources. It can be easily decomposed once it is disposed of properly while it can also be easily recycled. Most fabrics are hard to decompose and are not that good when it comes to its biodegradability but Lyocell was mainly developed to decompose and leave no prints of its substances making it very eco-friendly textile.

RICH WITH COLOURS- Lyocell was specifically created by its developers to come with rich colors in mind because of the high-absorbency of its fibers which can easily be dyed with top quality standards. Most fabrics can easily absorb colors but overtime its color slowly fades, unlike Lyocell which maintains its rich color from the time it was manufactured not just because of its high-absorbency but also its toughness to withstand harsh conditions while being worn by the user.

HIGH ABSORBENT- Lyocell is also ideal for clothing because of its high absorbency with moisture not to mention its natural breathability and a greater chance of absorbing moisture compared to other fabrics such as cotton. High absorbent fabrics are very popular among consumers for hygienic purposes. One of the most known high-absorbent fabrics is cotton but the developers of Lyocell made sure that it will surpass the cotton’s absorbency level. Clothing made out of Lyocell are very comfortable and lightweight even though it is already used in highly physical activities such as exercise.

ANTI-BACTERIAL- Because of its high-absorbency feature, Lyocell prevents bacteria from building up in its fabric material. High-absorbency fabrics have good moisture management making it ideal to be manufactured as clothing. The anti-bacterial fabric has an added edge over other types of fabric because it prevents any skin allergy and infection that can break out of the skin especially during perspiration. Anti-bacterial fabrics such as Lyocell prevents smell to build up making it very hygienic and can be used more often compared to other types of fabric manufactured for clothing.

FEEL OF FABRIC- Lyocell have the similarity with rayon when it comes to its texture and feels. Both fabrics are soft, breathable, lightweight as well and uphold comfort all the time. Lyocell is known for its smoothness making it very popular when it comes to clothing.

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