Trend Of Body Whitening Treatment Increases In Pakistan

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White and fair skin is one of the many things one looks for especially here in Pakistan. You can actually see Faiza beauty cream and fair n lovely’s billboards all across the country. Having a glowy and sheer pink complexion will surely make you score more in the society and for that reasons, there are now many creams, injections and medications to accomplish that picture perfect white skin. The rate of people using body whitening treatments and injections is now increasing rapidly. People are consulting the best dermatologists and surely are observing positive results.

The ‘beauty’ industry is growing and is making a mark in Pakistan. You can find hundreds of different companies promising different things for your skin along with pearly white complexion. The question is, are these bleaching and beauty creams worth it? We have heard and saw many cases gone bad by using these creams without any doctor’s supervision. All these whitening creams are very inexpensive and claim to do so much for your skin. Most of these beauty creams contains steroids and mercury which harms the skin permanently. Instead of consulting a doctor, people buy beauty fairness creams on their own and then they suffer from acne or other skin infections which makes their skin even worse.

 Whereas, a cream or treatment prescribed by a known dermatologist is way more expensive, with no side effects and you get what you need that is; a fair complexion and good skin. Unlike the normal creams available all over Pakistan, a doctor will examine your skin and will prescribe you something that with not harm your skin or your health. Some dermatologists also make custom creams or treatments that will suit your skin type properly. People love to have perfect white skin in 7 days but instead of going for these fake beauty creams they should consult their skin doctor first. There are a number of good doctors in Lahore who specializes in these whitening treatments and they will give you the best treatment possible.

Now-a-days, there are many injections and body whitening treatments which are very effective and many people are going for it and have seen very good and positive results. These injections may have their own side effects so they should be taken after a lot of research and under the best dermatologist’s supervision.

There are many best dermatologists in Lahore who are known for their exceptional work. If you want to get the perfect white skin you should definitely consult a doctor before applying anything to your skin, what they will suggest for your skin will surely be the best for it and you will get the full body whitening treatment in Lahore, Karachi and other main cities of Pakistan without any harmful chemicals. These treatments might be a little costly but they sure are better than all the fake whitening creams which will harm your skin if used for a long period of time.

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