Why Go to a Luxury Rehab to Recover from Your Addiction

Luxury Rehab to Recover from Your Addiction

People often want to know the reasons for joining a luxury drug rehab because of the expensive enrollment fee. As its name indicated, luxury rehab is a premium rehab center for drug addicts and alcoholics so patients can expect to get better recovery outcome. The following are six reasons why you should go to a luxury rehab.

  1. Comprehensive Treatment that Includes All Stages

Luxury rehaboffers a comprehensive drug addiction treatment plan that includes all the essential stages such as detoxification, individual and group counseling, medication, treatment for repetitive symptoms, and aftercare. It addresses not just the physical drug addiction but also mental and emotional issues that drive the person into taking drugs in the first place. Recovering from your drug addiction is number one priority so the cost is just a minor issue. If you recover from your addiction, you will get freedom from addiction and good health which are benefits that last for a lifetime.

  1. Low Patient to Staff Ratio

Patients will never outnumber the staff at the best rehab California. There will always be enough staff to take care of the patients. In fact, staff are available for 24/7 on a shift basis at the rehab center. The staff that work at the luxury rehab are leading professionals in the industry. Professional therapists work with patients to identifyroot issues that lead them into addictions in first place. The therapists are committed in helping patients to receive total healing including mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

  1. Comfortable Facilities

Luxury rehab is hygienic because there are always janitors around to wash and clean the place. All facilities in a luxury rehab are maintained in good condition and regularly updated to the latest technology. Clients will get a private room that is fully furnished with elegant furniture. The private room has large comfortable bed and other furnishings such as personal wardrobe, couch and nice view from the window. Luxury rehab is situated in a serene location with nice scenery that can increase the mood and take away the stress of the patients. The chef will cook your meals every day and meals are served on a large dining table. The served meals are delicious and nutritious at the same time. It offers recreational facilities to aid in healthy lifestyle such as gym, swimming pool, massage center, golf, and spa.

  1. Clients Maintains Their Privacy

Luxury rehab maintains the privacy of patients by restricting employees from revealing their personal details. It is ideal for executives and celebrities that want to protect their identities while receiving treatment.

  1. Large Selection of Therapies to Choose From

Luxury rehab provides a variety of therapies to choose from such as creative arts, music, animal assisted, fitness therapy and family therapy. These therapies aim to help patients relax so that they have a lower level of anxiety and stress when facing the recovery process. Besides, therapies can also help patients to stick to a healthy lifestyle. A professional counselor can include the therapy programs of your choice in your treatment plan.

  1. Aftercare Services

In a luxury rehab, there will be aftercare specialists that work with clients to develop the aftercare plan. Aftercare plan is important because it helps to keep the patient on track on achieving the goal of full addiction recovery. The counselor will assess potential issues that client will face when moving back and come up with solutions. Family members are usually encouraged to participate in aftercare planning. If your rehab has an aftercare program, you can expect the facility to dispatch a specialist to the client’s home to check and follow up on you every week or month.


In conclusion, luxury rehab is the right decision for you if you did not experience any improvement after getting admitted into a government drug rehab. You should not waste time keep on getting admitted into government rehab only to relapse again. You will definitely see a dramatic improvement in your addiction recovery progress if you join luxury rehab.

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