Why Should I Go to Florida for Rehab?

Finding a Rehab in Florida

While searching for the perfect rehab facility, you will probably notice that there are rehabs in every state. Some states have just a few large rehabs while others have many of them. Every rehab is a bit different in the way that they approach addiction. Some rehabs have more amenities while others are in exotic and wonderful locations.

Florida rehab centers are the latter. Even so, location is not everything. There are many reasons why you might want to go to a rehab center in Florida.

Benefits not Specific to Florida

Rehab facilities including those in Florida have some general benefits. No matter what state they are in most rehabs have:

  • Medication assisted treatment and treatment with supportive medications that treat only the symptoms of withdrawal.
  • Different amenities to suit different personal needs such as gourmet meals, private bathrooms, and exercise programs.
  • Multiple therapy types to suit any addiction or need.

These benefits belong to most rehabs. They offer a wide variety of things to both treat the addiction and make you feel better. Just remember that the more amenities a rehab has, generally the more expensive that it is.


One thing that Florida rehab centers have that others do not is a warm and mostly pleasant climate. Mild winters and long hot summers offer a near perfect climate. It never gets cold enough to prevent you from getting outside during your stay in rehab. If you like outdoor activities or prefer it warm outside, Florida may be the place for you.


Florida is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the United States. Just because you are going to rehab does not mean that you have to go close to home. If you want a rehab far from both temptation and your home, Florida is a wonderful option.

Most Florida rehabs offer idyllic locations such as those near stunning beaches or close to major attractions.  Most of them offer just a bit more as far as locations go than the standard city based rehab.

Multiple Physical Activities

As mentioned before Florida rehab centers offer more outdoor activities than other rehabs. These outdoor activities can include:

  • Water aerobics
  • Swimming
  • Water volleyball
  • Use of a pool
  • Outdoor meditation areas even in the winter months
  • Outdoor yoga and Thai Chi

These activities can become part of an exercise even when other states are too cold to host them.

Excellent Environment

Environment plays a very large role in addiction treatment. Florida rehab centers can offer a variety of environments depending on the location inside the state. Some are located near the vast Ocala National Forest and others are located beachside near the ocean or the Gulf of Mexico. You can choose a Florida rehab that suits your environmental needs.

Finding a Rehab in Florida

Regardless of your reasons for seeking out a Florida treatment center, we can help you find the right one for you. Everyone’s needs are a bit different just as every rehab is a bit different. Florida rehab centers can give you a vacation like feel to serious substance abuse treatment.

To find the right Florida rehab for your needs, all you have to do is call 800-654-0987. We can help you determine exactly what your needs are and find the rehab that will work best for you.



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